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Private Shows New Program Effective Immediately (Sept, 2021)
All private shows are subject to screen availability and staff availability.  During certain times of year, only early-morning and late-night times are available, due to running a full public movie schedule.  Please drop us an email and we will try to accommodate your group!


Your cost would be our matinee price per person (plus tax), with a minimum of $150+tax ($158.25) + a minimum of $100 in concessions (see below).  If you are seeing an older movie, the cost may be higher, depending upon what the studio charges for that movie.  We can research the cost of the movie of your choice, and you can decide if you want move forward or not.

If you want to see an older movie, it may take up to 2 weeks to book and receive the movie from the studio, so please plan ahead.  If we can use a BluRay or DVD, and we have it or can get it quickly, we still need to get it booked with the studio, but the lead time should be less.  And, yes, the studio still charges us even if we use a BluRay or DVD.


A pre-payment for a concession voucher for a minimum amount of $100 will be required.

The concession voucher(s), can be issued as a gift card with the full amount purchased, or as separate $5 paper gift vouchers for the total amount.

The concession credit can be used for the private show that day, or at a later date, if you prefer

If you are coordinating an event, we ask that you please make certain ground rules clear to all attendees:

No outside food or drink may be brought in.  If that does happen, those items will be confiscated and returned after the movie. 

If there is disruptive behavior, patrons may be asked to leave.

If the attendees are younger than 16, we ask that there be guardians or chaperones in attendance.

Our sincere apologies for having to spell out these rules.  They are necessary because of a very few groups we have hosted.  We hope that issues can be avoided by ensuring our expectations and rules are clear.  Thank you for understanding.

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