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Gift Cards


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Prairie and Elkader Cinema gift cards, either "virtual" ones that you print yourself, or the physical gift cards, work interchangeably at either theater.  You can purchase either type here online, or you can purchase the physical cards at the theater.

Gift Cards

You can purchase Prairie or Elkader Cinema gift cards in-person at the theaters, or you can order them here.  There will be a $2 postage and handling fee per card if ordered online (there is no additional fee if you purchase them in-person). There is a minimum of $10.00 for a physical card.  
Remember, you can always add money to an existing card.

We offer you the ability to purchase a gift card online that you can print yourself!  This is great for a last-minute gift.  As long as you have a printer, you can purchase and print your own gift cards, without leaving the house (or your PJ's!). Also, you save the postage and handling fee with virtual gift cards.

BE SURE to choose the card you'd like, Elkader Cinema or Prairie Cinema.  They'll both work at either theater, they just look different.

Questions or concerns about your purchase?  
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